Job description:

We are excited to announce that we are looking to hire a project coordinator to join the SAAS team. This position will continue to build on the work we’ve been doing for the past seven years, like organizing bike rides, traffic safety fairs; advocating for better active transportation policy at the city, county and state transportation; and working with Santa Ana residents to make all this possible. 

The coordinator would work directly with the project director, our programs committee, our advisory board and our partners. While much of our work is centered on advocating for active transportation in Santa Ana, we encourage applicants that understand the importance of community engagement. If you are someone that sees a value in residents getting engaged in civic decision making and policy decisions, or have a desire to create a safer, healthier environment for people traveling through the city’s urban and natural landscape, please consider applying.

Education/Experience Requirements Minimum requirements include:

  • The position requires skills in the areas of leadership, mentorship, communication, problem-solving,
    and organization;
  • Experience working with youth, seniors, undocumented residents, and monolingual Spanish
    speakers is greatly desired;
  • Experience working with and developing programs for community members who have disabilities is
    greatly desired, especially in marketing strategy, content development, and engagement;
  • Proficiency in Spanish (written and spoken) is preferred;
  • Some marketing experience, including graphic design, social media and e-newsletters

Compensation: $24 per hour


All employees: 401(k) voluntary employee contribution

Part-time employees (29 hours per week or less): paid sick leave

Please send cover letter and resume to