Bicycle Safety Workshops

The Confident Cycling Workshop is 1-part in-class knowledge session, and 1-part outdoors skills session. Bicycle riders of all levels are encouraged to sign up and increase their Confident Cycling knowledge and habits. Students who complete the course will receive a free helmet and set of bicycle lights.

Join the fun and gain the confidence to feel more comfortable on the road, more able to enjoy your city, more encouraged to take on active healthy living, more ready to lead bike rides and programs, and more loving of your bike ride!

Topics covered in the course:
– equipment (e.g., helmets, bike fitting, a general understanding of your bicycle and necessary gear);
– rules of the road (i.e., an overview of the California Vehicle Code as it pertains to bicycle riders);
– cycling awareness (including road conditions and road safety);
– safe riding techniques ​(e.g., how to ride in traffic, basic bicycle riding skills and emergency maneuvers).

Bike Rides are fun together!!
Get your friends/family/coworkers signed up! email us at OR send us a text at 714-340-5186 to learn more!