Resident Advocacy Project

SAAS coordinates and facilitates a series of community meetings for participants to identify education, encouragement, and engagement activities that would help inform and advance their pedestrian and bicycle safety improvement efforts. Below is a list of activities co-horts would do if participating in resident advocacy project.

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Action Planning

Action planning sessions help community members develop a strategy to address a traffic safety issue. Activities focus on developing a quantitative and/or qualitative data collection process, data analysis, and creating a proposal for desired infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions to address their pedestrian and bicycle safety concerns.

2021 Action Planning Activity

Walking and Biking Assessment

A community-led walking and biking assessment includes creating a route where traffic safety concerns are located and collecting qualitative data through observation of the street. The data can be collected using surveys or maps of the area.

Pedestrian/bicycle counts can also be conducted to develop quantitative data around the number of bicyclists and pedestrians on the road.

Photo/Video Voice

Community members receive training in creating a photo-voice and video-voice project and creating a project as well. By capturing photos, video, and providing context through explanatory audio or captions, an issue can become easier to understand to the public, including key stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Stakeholder Engagement Meetings are aimed at meeting with key city stakeholders responsible for traffic safety improvements. Community members share their active transportation experiences, concerns, and needs, especially any findings and proposals developed through Walking and Biking Assessments, Photo/Video Voice and Action Planning.